Expo Fotos en Rame

Button Badges

Our button badges comes in 3 sizes, 25mm, 37mm and 56mm. This is the diameter of the badge from left to right ex the area that you see. To design your own badges you must include the folding over area as well as the rounding of the badge.

1) Use the dimensions below as per the size of the button that you would like to design (56mm, 37mm or 25mm)
2) The total cut area, refers to the size the the cutter will cut your paper.

3) The total image area refers to the total size that your image should be. The grey part will form the sides and edges of the button badge.

4) The total visible area is the area you will see when looking at the finished badge.

5) The unprinted area is the area that gets tucked into the badge when it’s crimped. If you have printing in this area, then your badge may not come out 100%

6) Final artwork can be supplied on a jumbo size print (10cmx15cm)

All our badges is printed on true photographic paper so they are waterproof and UV proof. Each badge also gets a plastic cover to protect the image underneath.

The 56mm comes with a pin, magnet or keyring attachment. The 25mm and 37mm badges only comes with a pin.

Coffee Mugs

Unfortunately we can only use the mugs supplied by our supplier due to that fact that they have a special coating on to absorb the ink in the heat transfer process. If you would like to design your own inscription/photo/logo on a mug you are more than welcome. The final image size must be 80x200mm and in JPG format. You can add anything in this area and no limitations on color.