Expo Fotos en Rame

Preparing digital files for printing

Please follow the following guide lines when submitting digital files for printing to Exporama Foto.

1) All files must either be in JPEG or TIFF format and not bigger than 10 Mb per image.
2) All files must be RGB and 8bit (Not 16 please)
3) Please provide clear instructions regarding printing
4) If you have a lot of different sizes please put them in the appropriate folders ex all the jumbos in a folder called "Jumbo"
This will speed up the printing process and eliminate any errors
5) To test colour and density please ask for a test print before you start printing
6) Files can be delivered on cd or usb stick etc.
7) When editing files please make sure that you do not alter the resolution and when you crop do it proportionately
8) When you wish to email us your prints please make sure that your email program does not reduce the size of the image. We can handle images up to 50mb in size per image or send us a
Dropbox or Wetransfer link. Please use the following email for print orders : prints@exporamafoto.com