Expo Fotos en Rame

Printing Photos

Photos or images for printing in electronic format can be submitted to Expo Fotos en Rame in the following ways :

  • USB
  • CD or DVD
  • Email
  • DropBox
  • Wetransfer (Or any other mass upload program)

Images must be at least 300dpi and a minimum of 450kb or bigger for a decent Jumbo print. Prints must be in a 3x2 ratio or it will be cropped at the discretion of the printer. Please limit file sizes to a maximum of 10mb per image @ 300dpi for normal printing.

Whatsapp photos can be send to our Whatsapp number 0798767571. Please note that due to the fact that Whatsapp compresses images for sending, no photos will be printed larger that Jumbo (10x15cm) size. If you would like a bigger size print please use one of the alternative methods to send us your image.

Dropbox users can just share their Dropbox folder with us.

For sending a large quantity of files please use Wetransfer. Go to www.wetransfer.com. Select the "Free" option. In the window that opens enter your email in the "From" address. Enter our official work email "glouw@exporamafoto.com" in the "To" address. Enter any additional information in the "Notes" area. Drag all the files on the window and press the send button. You will receive a email to confirm that the images has been uploaded and the another email to confirm that the images was downloaded on our side.

For large format prints please use the Adobe RGB 1998 color space. Make sure that your image is the correct size and at least 300dpi. We do not adjust the colour or density on any large format prints. All prints is done on a Epson Surecolor SP 9000 with Shiraz RIP software.